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Tennesseans 16+: Now Eligible for a COVID-19 Vaccine
Information from TN Dept of Health about the Ongoing Novel Coronavirus Outbreak

Board of Dentistry

Board Members

Member Position Representation Term Expires
Dan T. Meadows, D.D.S. Board Member Dentist 03-31-2021
Steven Zambrano, D.D.S. Board Member Dentist
Jayson M. Tabor, D.D.S. Board Member Dentist 03-31-2023
Robert F. Caldwell, D.M.D. Vice President Dentist 06-30-2022
Maricela Rodriguez, D.D.S Board Member Dentist 03-31-2021
Airica Brooke Puckett Board Member Dental Hygienist 03-31-2023
Naomi Lynette Martin Sec/Tres. Registered Dental Assistant 03-31-2021
Edward H. Moody, Jr., D.D.S. Board Member Dentist 03-31-2022
Phillip A. Kemp, D.D.S. President Dentist 03-31-2022
Thao L. Kinsey, R.D.H. Board Member Dental Hygienist 03-31-2021
Bettye Lynn Richert Board Member Citizen 03-31-2020