Gold Sneaker Initiative Certification


What’s New with Gold Sneaker?

Gold Sneaker strengthened its partnership with the Tennessee Department of Human Services (TDHS) by integrating Gold Sneaker policies into the TDHS Star-Quality Report Card Program. The Star-Quality Child Care Program is a voluntary program that recognizes childcare facilities who exceed minimum licensing standards. These facilities may receive a rating of one, two or three stars. TDHS has developed a new Report Card Component, Child Health and Well-Being, which includes Gold Sneaker.

Effective July 30, 2018, childcare providers seeking the 3-star level in the Child Health and Well-Being component are required to be Gold Sneaker certified and implement Gold Sneaker policies.

As stipulated by TDHS Rules, providers that do not meet the TDH requirements for Gold Sneaker certification cannot receive 3 stars in the component area of Child Health and Well-Being. However, it is possible that a provider will still have an overall 3- star rating without having 3 stars in this particular component arena. Click here for additional information related to the Tennessee Department of Human Services Star-Quality Report Card Program.


Maintaining Gold Sneaker Status

Gold Sneaker policies were revised in November 2018. In order to ensure that all Gold Sneaker certified providers are enforcing the same policies, providers that were trained and certified prior to December 2018 will need to re-certify for Gold Sneaker status.

There are two steps to obtaining/maintaining Gold Sneaker certification

STEP 1: Training

The initial step in Gold Sneaker certification is training. Childcare providers must take the 2-hour, revised Gold Sneaker training finalized in November 2018. Facility directors and all educators must take the training to maintain Gold Sneaker status. Training is available through the Tennessee Child Care Online Training System (TCCOTS) Powered by ProSolutions at

Limited in-person training is also available, in certain counties with health educators. Providers should contact their local county health department to see if in-person Gold Sneaker training is available in their specific county. You may locate your specific county contact information and trainer here:

STEP 2: Online User Guide and Application

Once the facility director and all educators are trained, the provider must complete an online application.

The Gold Sneaker Initiative Certification User Guide provides you with necessary forms and directions needed to complete the application. Please refer to the User Guide before proceeding to the application.

The Gold Sneaker Initiative Certification Application must be completed AND approved before certification is awarded. The link to the application is


Toolkit and Resource Packages

Once the childcare provider has been certified, they are awarded a Gold Sneaker toolkit, as well as a resource package.* The facility’s name is also listed on the Gold Sneaker webpage.

Toolkit Contents


1  Kaplan Colored Playground Balls (set of 6)

1  Sports Ball Bag

15 Gross Motor Hula Hoops

1  Confetti Jump Rope 8’

1  Soft-Color Ball (set of 6)

1  Nutricise CD

1  Smart Fitness Smart Foods CD

1  Games to Play With Babies paperback

1  Child Size Portion Plate

1  Oh, The Things You Can Do that are Good For You  paperback

1  Yoga Pretzels cards

Access to an electronic Gold Sneaker image

Resource Package Contents **

1 Governor Signed Certificate for the Facility

2 Gold Sneaker Decals

Safe Sleep Information

Tobacco Cessation Information

*Please allow up to a month to receive the Gold Sneaker toolkit and resource packages.

**Resource Package contents subject to revision

Gold Sneaker Toolkit
Gold Sneaker Toolkit

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