Candida auris (including rule-out Candida auris)

Reportable by Providers
Candida auris

Infectious agent: Candida auris

Description of illness:

C. auris is a yeast that can cause varied illness types, from localized wound infections to severe, invasive bloodstream infections in hospitalized patients. It is often multidrug resistant, results in persistent colonization of skin, survives for a long time in the environment, and has resulted in outbreaks.

Rule-out C. auris is meant to catch cases of C. auris that might be misidentified as other yeasts due to the laboratory identification method used.

Cases of C. auris can be either screening or clinical. 

A screening case is when a patient is colonized with C. auris on their skin with no signs or symptoms. 

Clinical cases are when patients have an infection caused by C. auris, such as a urinary tract infection or bloodstream infection.