Guide for Ordering Snacks


his guide is designed to help you make choices that are healthy and delicious when ordering food for a meeting or other work event.

Decide whom you want to call to order the food. It may be a restaurant, caterer or grocery store deli.

After you decide whom to call, start by telling them you are ordering snacks. Ask if they can provide "healthy" choices.

Tell them you can email our guidelines


Tell them you want to order from this list:


*** Keep a list of places that will provide healthy meals for future reference.

*** Tennessee state employees should review the Department of Finance and Administration policy regarding cost of food. Please refer to Section 37 of the Comprehensive Travel Regulations for a schedule of allowable food costs.

Use the following guide to order:

Choose This: Not These:
For morning snacks: For morning snacks:
Fresh fruit - basket of fresh fruit (apples, oranges, bananas, pears) or cut fruit served with low-fat yogurt dip Canned sweetened fruit
Non-fat or low-fat yogurt Regular yogurt
Hummus and whole grain pita or crackers Pastries, large muffins, large bagels, croissants, donuts, sweet rolls
Bruschetta topped with olive oil, herbs and tomatoes
For afternoon snacks: For afternoon snacks:
Fresh vegetables - carrots, celery, cucumbers and cherry tomatoes served with low-fat dressing Chips and regular dip
Dried fruit Canned sweetened fruit
Small bags of pretzels (unsalted preferred) or
Small bags of popcorn (air popped preferred)
Low-fat granola bars (less than 100 calories),
100 calories bags of cookies, small bags of trail mix or nuts, whole grain crackers
Large cookies, brownies, large slices of cake, regular potato or corn chips
Frozen fruit bars (100% real fruit) or low-fat frozen dairy products (individual servings) Ice cream sandwiches, ice cream
Water, coffee, unsweetened tea, 100% fruit or vegetable juice (in 4 to 6 oz. portions)
Milk should be skim or1% or 2% reduced fat
Diet drinks, i.e. diet sodas, sugar-free lemonade, sugar-free drink mix
Soft drinks, sweet tea

Or go to the grocery store and purachse from this list:

  • Lean luch meat and/or cheese tray with whole grain bread or law-fat crackers
  • Veggie tray with law-fat/fat free dip
  • Fruit tray with low-fat/low sugar dip
  • Fresh fruit, assorted