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Tennessee Emergency Medical, Awareness, Response and Resources

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The Tennessee Department of Health (TDH) maintains multiple emergency management and response systems supporting its capability to respond to public health or medical emergencies affecting the state. Systems currently in use can be accessed below.

Click to be directed to the HRTS system.

Healthcare Resource Tracking System (HRTS) manages healthcare facility bed, service and asset availability. HRTS provides for event activation and management locally, regionally or state-wide.

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HRTS Training Page

(Click the gray HRTS button above for Patient Bed Matching Pilot)

The HRTS Mental Health Portal provides visibility of available Mental Health and Addiction Treatment inpatient beds and services.

Click for Inventory Management tutorials, documentation and links to TNCRN Test or Production systems.

Inventory Management

Tennessee Countermeasure Response Network (TNCRN) INVENTORY MANAGEMENT module is used to monitor and distribute medical countermeasure resources. This module is used to monitor resource availability, determine locations, and track disposition.

Click to be directed to the TNCRN Patient Management System.

HCS Patient Tracking

Tennessee Department of Health HCS Patient Tracking module is integrated into the national system for patient tracking. This system is used to provide situational awareness, family reunification, and repatriation for emergency evacuees. Quickly register, record assessments, triage, and document patient treatment. The system is scaleable and can be deployed for mass casualties, health care facility evacuations, and medical assistance shelter operation.

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PsySTART (Psychological simple Triage and Rapid Treatment):  Triage mental health needs and assess and manage behavioral health impact.  PsySTART Tennessee contact point: Ken Tartar (

Click to be directed to TN Volunteer Mobilizer.

Registration site for Regional Medical Reserve Corp (MRC) volunteers – both non-medical volunteer registration, as well as registration and credentialing of medical volunteers.

Click to be directed to TNHAN.

The TDH-managed system used by state and federal agencies for alerting emergency responders at the local, state and federal levels.

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The TNMedMap application transforms data from HRTS, HCF, TNCRN, and TNVM data systems into geo-spatial information that can then be used in support of medical and public health planning and response.

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TNMEDMAP Training/Tutorials

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REDCap is a secure web application for building and managing online surveys and databases.

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WebEOC is a web-enabled crisis information management system that provides real-time information sharing. It is web-based allowing for users to log on from any computer connected to the Internet.

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