TN Strong Homes

As part of Governor Lee’s TN Strong Families initiative, DIDD is partnering with DCS to provide support to children who have intellectual and developmental disabilities and are in state custody.​ DIDD has developed a tiered approach that includes direct care services, support for foster families, and home and community-based services for children with complex needs.

What is Tennessee Strong Families?

In partnership with the Department of Children’s Services, DIDD is leveraging its expertise in providing supports to children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to increase service options for children with IDD in state custody.

DIDD has developed a three-tiered approach.

Tier 1 Direct Support in TN Strong Family Homes

  • DIDD offers short-term placement to children in DCS custody with high medical needs who are in children’s hospitals and emergency rooms awaiting long-term placement.
  • DIDD provides this care in its former state-operated community homes in Davidson, Shelby and Greene counties.
  • Children are able to receive needed nursing and clinical therapies while living in a home and engaging with their communities.

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Contact Information:

Trey King
Director of TN Strong Families & Homes

Babs Tierno
Deputy Director of TN Strong Families & Homes