Public Records Requests

The Tennessee Public Records Act allows Tennessee citizens to view government public records that are connected to official business transactions unless otherwise provided by state law. The department seeks to make public records available as promptly as possible, but if it is not practicable to make the records promptly available, the department has seven (7) business days to respond to a request or advise when the records can reasonably be made available. For more information, DIDD’s Public Records rule can be found at the following link:

How to Make a Public Records Request:

To request copies of records (or for inspection and copies of records) from DIDD, you will need to fill out the appropriate request form(s) and submit them to the department by emailing them to

  • The Public Records Request Form must be submitted along with proof of Tennessee citizenship.
  • Proof of Tennessee citizenship can be provided by presenting your valid Tennessee driver’s license, Photo Identification license, Handgun Carry Permit, or other state or city government-issued photographic ID that includes your address.
  • A conservatorship order and/or notice of representation may also be required.

Court ordered requests should be directed to

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