TN Citizens Cybersecurity - for Parents

The internet is a wonderful tool for education and entertainment, but it also comes with risks -- especially for children. As parents, we instinctively go out of our way to protect our kids from physical harm, but are less sure how to safeguard their digital lives. This page is dedicated to sharing information and resources that can help parents protect and educate their families against cyber threats. 

Quick Wins for Protecting Your Family

The TN Cybersecurity Advisory Council shares some "quick wins" that can be implemented right away to improve cybersecurity habits!

Online/Social Media Safety Tips

A public site providing sound parent-to-parent advice from a cybersecurity employee at Norton regarding best practices and security measures for kids.

Cyberbullying 101

This federal government site shares information on cyberbulling, and how parents can help prevent it.

Anti-bullying Laws & Regulations in TN

This site shares how bullying and cyberbullying are defined in Tennessee law and statute.

Parental Controls and Privacy Settings shares step by step guides on setting up the right controls and privacy settings on the gadgets kids use for a safer online experience.

Tips for Using Virtual Assistants with Kids

Many families may have welcomed virtual assistants (Alexa, Google Home, etc.) into their home. PBS provides advice for these families.

Interactive Cybersecurity Lab

Cybersecurity NOVA Lab is a free tool that engages learners in games to foster interest in security.

Security Fun PBS Kids

Cyberchase increases children’s knowledge, understanding and enthusiasm for math and science topics, including cybersecurity!