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Cyber Storm VIII Exercise, Spring 2022:

08/06/2021                                    CS VIII States Brief (PDF download)

  • As part of CISA’s efforts to strengthen cybersecurity preparedness and partnerships, we would like to provide some information regarding the upcoming Cyber Storm VIII exercise in Spring 2022.
  • Cyber Storm is CISA’s biennial cyber capstone exercise that provides a venue for participants to simulate the discovery of and response to a widespread coordinated cyberattack without the consequences of a real-world event. Cyber Storm brings together hundreds of agencies and organizations from across the public and private sectors to simulate response and coordination efforts to a significant cyber incident impacting the nation’s critical infrastructure with the aim of strengthening cybersecurity preparedness and response capabilities by exercising policies, processes, and procedures.
  • Cyber Storm is a distributed exercise, meaning organizations participate from their actual work locations. Interested states can participate either as a Victim organization or elect to participate in tandem with MS-ISAC as a Monitor and Respond organization. Victim organizations are directly affected by the incident, whereas Monitor and Respond organizations utilize normal communication channels, such as the MS-ISAC and government bulletins, to monitor events during the exercise and respond appropriately. 
  • States interested in participating as Victim organizations will actively work with the Cyber Storm Planning Team over the course of the fall and winter to plan the extent of their organization’s participation in the exercise and develop customized scenario injects to meet their organization’s unique goals and level of play.
  • The next planning meeting is the Midterm Planning Meeting, scheduled to be held in-person and virtually in McLean, VA, on September 16, 2021.
  • The Cyber Storm Planning Team looks forward to working with members of your organization as we work together to increase cybersecurity preparedness and strengthen partnerships. For your convenience, we attached a quick overview of Cyber Storm VIII. Please contact Marshall Garnuette (, Cyber Storm States Working Group Lead to learn more about participating in Cyber Storm VIII.