Local Government Cybersecurity

The TN Cybersecurity Advisory Council recognizes that many local governments may lack the funding or resources necessary for implementing effective cybersecurity controls. In order to address these needs, the Comptroller's Division of Local Government Audit created COT Cyber Aware to help local government officials protect their computer systems and educate their staff about potential cybersecurity threats.

StopRansonware.gov, a new official website of the US Government, includes information about the critical steps that should be taken to respond to and recover from a cyberattack. This includes a comprehensive Ransomware Guide and Cyber Hygiene services that are available at no cost to help organizations with vulnerability scanning, web application scanning, penetration testing, and phishing assessments.  These services can help to assess, identify, and reduce exposure to cyber threats like ransomware.

COT Cyber Aware

The TN CyberHub's goal is to increase security awareness, establish a trusted communication platform, and elevate IT practices across all public and private entities in Tennessee. If you are part of the public sector audience, and would like to receive regular newsletters and important cybersecurity updates, please let us know: