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Welcome to National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM) - This year’s campaign theme — “See Yourself in Cyber” — demonstrates that everyone isresponsible for their own online behavior. #SeeYourselfInCyber encourages you to own yourrole in cybersecurity, stressing personal accountability and the importance of being proactive,focusing on ensuring all individuals and organizations make smart decisions whether on thejob, at home or at school – now and in the future.

NCSAM Week 1: Strong Passwords - It may be easy to identify people who could gain physical access to your devices—family members,roommates, coworkers, people nearby, and others. Identifying the people who have the capability togain remote access to your devices is not as simple—if your device is connected to the internet, you areat risk for someone accessing your information. However, you can significantly reduce your risk with stronger passwords.

NCSAM Week 2: Software Updates - This week’s action step for cybersecurity awareness month also needs to be a focus year-round. While itmay seem inconvenient to keep your software updated, ransomware or the theft of personalinformation is beyond inconvenient and we want to avoid that! It’s much easier to keep your informationsecure by keeping your software updated.

NCSAM Week 3: Multifactor Authentication - Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a layered approach to securing your onlineaccounts and the data they contain. By adding MFA to your online services (likeemail), you provide a combination of two or more authenticators to verify youridentity when logging on. MFA provides greater protection even if someoneguesses your password, those unauthorized users will be stopped at the secondidentifier.

NCSAM Week 4: Phishing Scams - Phishing is when a criminal poses as a trusted source and sends fraudulent digital messages, such asemails, with the intent of manipulating individuals into revealing personal information and gainingunauthorized access to a system through a download or link. Learn more about phishing and how to identify it!



Vishingor “voice phishing” is phishing via phone call using social engineering tactics. Regardless of how a phising attack is delivered, the message will typically always appear to come from a trusted sender.

Safe Online Shopping - Lern more about safe online shopping practices and ways to ensure you are protecting your family and friends during this holiday shopping season!

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Shopping Safely Online - Don't give your personal financial information to online criminals! Learn some key tips on how to follow safe online shopping practices in order to make online purchasing more secure.

Top Cyber Threats - Learn about the greatest threats to security that we face today such as ransomware and phishing; and how to be less vulnerable to these threats. 

IT Wisdom That Helps Keeps You Secure - IT professionals are asked every day about keeping information secure in your workspace, whether you’re on a desktop or a laptop or on the state’s WiFi. Here’s our state's best practices in the changing technology landscape. 

Phishing Tactics - Cyber criminals have become more advanced with their use of targeted phishing attempts on vulnerable groups or specific people. Learn about the latest phishing tactics and how you can continue to remain vigilant against these threats.

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