TN Citizens Cybersecurity - for Professionals

Cybersecurity professionals are essential for success in every business; and today’s business organizations continue to focus on proactive prevention of cyber threats, rather than reactive responses. By leveraging cybersecurity professionals, organizations can address major issues before exploitations occur. This is because these professionals are trained to find weaknesses in databases, networks, hardware, firewalls, and encryption.

The demand for cyber professionals is currently very high, and this demand will only continue to grow  along with the increasing reliance upon technology. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job growth for the cyber industry is projected to grow by 37% from 2012–2022. The resources shared on this page are tailored for aspiring cybersecurity professionals in Tennessee.

National Centers of Academic Excellence

Shares information and education programs that help meet the growing demand for cybersecurity professionals.

Stop.Think.Connect.™ for Young Professionals

Toolkit aimed at increasing the understanding of cyber threats and empowering the American public to be safer and more secure online.

Be a Cybersecurity Advocate at Work

Homeland Security shares a one-pager of quick steps you can take to protect peers.                      

Young Professionals Tips from CISA

Shares information for making smart online decisions in personal and professional settings.                                                                            

Code 2040 Fellows Program

An intensive career accelerator for Black and Latinx college and graduate-level computer science students.

Job Hunting Tips for Aspiring Professionals

Suggestions for enhancing job seeker's online presence & avoiding security traps.                                          

Apply to Work at the State of TN

The state offers a variety of ways to get the best training and find the right job.