Legionella species

TEST NAME Legionella species
DISEASE/DISORDER Legionnaires' Disease, Pontiac Fever, Legionellosis
ALTERNATE NAME(S) Legionella culture
  • Isolate submission is REQUIRED for laboratories.
  • Clinical specimens MUST be frozen (-15 C or lower) within 48 hours of collection.
ORDERING INFORMATION TDH DLS Requisition:  PH-4182 Clinical Submission Requisition

Specimen Requirements

Patient Preparation
  • None
Specimen Collection
  • Clinical Specimens

- Lower respiratory sources such as bronchoalveolar lavage, bronchial aspirate/brushing/lavage/washing, tracheal/endotracheal secretions/aspirate, or sputum collected in a sterile container

- Fresh tissue or biopsy sources such as lung, pleura, heart valve, or pericardium collected in a sterile container

  • Isolates

-Pure cultures from normally sterile sites on Buffered Charcoal Yeast Extract (BCYE) or equivalent media

Specimen Labeling
  • Specimen must be labeled with at least two unique patient identifiers and match accompanying PH-4182 Clinical Submission Requisition.
Specimen Processing
  • None
Specimen Storage and Preservation
  • Clinical specimens should be stored at 2-8°C for no more than 48 hours. Specimens that are not transported/tested within 48 hours should be frozen at (-15)°C or lower.
  • Isolates should be stored under ambient conditions.
Specimen Transport
  • Clinical specimens 

- If  shipment will arrive within 48 hours of collection, ship overnight at 2-8°C with cold packs.

- Frozen specimens should be maintained at (-15)°C or lower and shipped overnight on Dry Ice. 

  • Isolates

- Ship at ambient temperature.

- Do not send refrigerated or frozen 

  • All infectious substance shipments must conform to U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR 49 C.F.R. Parts 171-180). 
Specimen Acceptability and Rejection
  • Urine is not accepted for antigen testing. 
  • Specimens that do not meet all specimen requirements will be rejected.
Testing Location
  • Nashville

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