Breaking Ground 109 Arts - Fine Art (N-Z artist last name)

There are 21 pieces of visual artwork featured in this year's arts issue of Breaking Ground. This is part 2 of the 2-part online gallery, with the artwork and artist bios, listed in alphabetical order by artist last name.

A deer is curled up at the base on a tree in a forest, surrounded by foliage. The deer looks right at the camera
"Deer at Bowie Nature Park" by Alyssa Ray. Alyssa Ray of Franklin, TN enjoys participating in many fine arts, including photography with AbleVoices and performing arts with Backlight Productions. She won two ribbons for her photography, a first and a third, at the 2021 Williamson County Fair.
A painting of jazz musician Miles Davis playing his trumpet. The painting shows Miles in a detailed sketch of bold lines and shades of blues. He is against a background with various patterns of orange and greens and yellows. Lines and shapes emerge from the figure of the trumpet that look like small tree limbs and buds.
"Kind of Blue" by Dave Rogers. Dave Rogers is a disabled veteran artist whose work reflects his collective studies of the cultures he has visited through the military and afterwards.
Painting shows a full grown giraffe and a smaller younger giraffe standing side by side amongst some trees in front of a small body of water.
"African Habitat" by Barbara Shirley. Barbara Shirley is continually trying new combinations of different materials for her unique approach to artistic expression. Developing her own style of artwork over many years results in a variety of dimensional work that continues to bring pleasure to the viewer. She says her creative work is satisfying and calming.
This photo shows the reflection of a white young man taking a photo with a camera in the window of a coffee shop. In the center of the photo there is a barista at the coffee counter preparing a drink but around the image of what is inside the shop is the photographer’s reflection while he is concentrating on taking the digital photo.
"A Little Bit of Me" by Rhett Stephens. Rhett Stephens lives in Nolensville, TN. He is a photographer in the AbleVoices program.
An intense and detailed drawing of a young white man’s face. He has a serious expression, tousled short black hair, and piercing green eyes
"Snapshot" by Clara Thorsen. Clara Thorsen is a freshman at Hillsboro High School in Nashville. She has epilepsy, dyslexia, celiac disease, and is gifted. She loves to draw because it can help people understand and realize the beauty in the world.
A photo of the sun setting on a body of water with a wooden dock emerging from the bank on one side and hills and forests in the background on the other side of the water.
"East Tennessee Sunset" by Houston Vandergriff. Houston Vandergriff is a 23-year-old photographer with Down syndrome.
A bright red and white striped circus tent on a starry night features a yellow flag waving at its peak with the artist’s initials, M.V.
"Opening Night" by Morgan Vice. Morgan Vice is 28 years old and a fan of ALL things "circus."
A bubbling waterfall cascades down many rocks with fall leaves covering the banks around the stream.
"Fall Waterfall" by Christy Wells-Reece. Christy Wells-Reece is a graduate of the Council's Partners in Policymaking Leadership Institute class of 2001. She is a mother of 2 grown sons, and loves photography, crocheting, and being creative in other ways.
Artwork showing the face of film director Stephen Spielberg. He is shown with his head tiled to the side, looking off to the side. He has short black and gray hair, a gray goatee, black glasses and a purple blazer and bowtie.
"Master of Cinema" by Jalyn Weston. Jalyn Weston is an 18-year-old artist from the little town of Sweetwater, Tennessee, who is currently attending his second year at Cleveland State Community College to acquire a degree in Fine Arts. He plans to move on to a four-year school by the fall. He continues to make a broad spectrum of pieces, trying to move more and more out of his comfort zone. He recently made the transition from doing art on any paper to digital pieces made on his tablet or smartphone. Of course, he still tries to pick up a brush or lead pencil and pen every now and then.
A calm beach scene with 3 sailboats shown on the peaceful ocean with sand and palm trees framing the ocean view. Birds fly over the sea in a sunset colored sky,.
"Dreaming of the Beach" by LeAnn Wilson. LeAnn Wilson has been painting for about 11 years and says that it is very relaxing and enjoyable.