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    To be the fastest improving state in the country. The Haslam administration is focused on ensuring that Tennessee's K-12 education system is led by great principals and highly effective teachers.

    Note from the Governor

    Since taking office in 2011, one of our administration’s top priorities has been to have a customer-focused, efficient and effective state government that provides Tennessee taxpayers with the highest quality of service at the lowest possible cost.

    Fiscal Strength

    To be the best managed state, providing high-quality services at the lowest possible price to taxpayers. Tennessee has a proud tradition of being a fiscally conservative state, and Governor Haslam is working hard to ensure state government continues to be well managed with the lowest possible tax burden to residents.

    Health & Welfare

    To promote healthy behavior and provide high quality services to our most vulnerable populations. Working to provide high quality and cost effective services to each and every Tennessean.

    Jobs & Economic Development

    To be the #1 state in the Southeast for high quality jobs. 
    Governor Haslam is working hard to foster a business-friendly environment that will make it easier for Tennessee companies to grow and make our state a more attractive place for businesses to call home.

    Public Safety

    To promote the safety and security of Tennesseans. Governor Haslam established a public safety subcabinet that is working across state agencies to reduce drug abuse and trafficking, curb violent crime, and cut the rate of repeat offenders.