Countdown to College. Last Call for Fall

Tennessee Higher Education Commission Encourages Students to Submit College Applications by March 31
Monday, March 20, 2023 | 03:20pm

Press Release

Media Contact:
Jessie Greene

NASHVILLE, TN – The Tennessee Higher Education Commission is designating March 20-31,
2023 as the “Countdown to College, Last Call for Fall,” in a push to encourage students to
apply to college, persist in their college coursework and obtain a degree.

“We are living in a time when all students will benefit from postsecondary education or training
beyond high school to achieve success and provide opportunities for advancement in that first
job and eventual promotion to higher salaries,” said Interim Executive Director Dr. Robert M.
Smith. “Most colleges and universities in Tennessee are still accepting applications, so it’s not
too late to pursue your dream of attending college.”

The Tennessee Higher Education Commission recently designated 2023 as a
momentum-building year in higher education with the primary goal of increasing the
college-going rate for the high school class of 2023 to at least 60 percent.

With Tennessee’s college-going rate trending downward over the past five years, we must all
work together to take swift action to inform and engage more students with the many
educational and job training options they have after high school.

The Tennessee Higher Education Commission has curated a number of resources for students
to support the college-going process. Whether their path is a university, community college or
technical college, THEC has a step-by-step guide to help students reach their goals.

Students can use our Last Call for Fall Application Video Toolkit to find online Tennessee college
applications, learn how to complete them, and discover which schools charge application fees.

The Tennessee Higher Education Commission is relentlessly focused on increasing the number
of Tennesseans with a post secondary credential. We pursue this goal by innovating for student
access and success, creating a policy environment conducive to increased degree attainment,
and protecting students and consumers.

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