Tennessee Open Education Week: 2022

The following are session recordings from the THEC facilitated sessions from Open Education Week, 2022. These sessions were hosted March 7-11, 2022.

Open Education week is an international event sponsored by OE Global, that celebrates and shares the latest achievements in Open Education worldwide. These events focus on exciting and innovative work happening in Tennessee that leverages Open Education and Open Educational Resources to decrease barriers and increase the number of Tennesseans who attain a postsecondary credential.

Session 1: Creating Robust OER in Collaboration with Campus Libraries

Presenters: Rachel Fleming (University of Tennessee - Chattanooga), Ashley Sergiadis (East Tennessee State University), & Rachel Caldwell (University of Tennessee - Knoxville)


Session 2: Challenges and Strategies of Creating OER Textbooks

Presenters: Jillian Gorrell (Walters State Community College), Alka Sharma (University of Memphis), and Nellie McCollum (Tennessee Board of Regents)


Session 3: The Z-Degree!

Presenter: Tracey Lee (Motlow State Community College)


Session 4: Impact of OER at Tennessee State University

Presenters: Robbie Melton, Deborah Chisom, Effua Ampadu, and Robert Hassel (Tennessee State University)


Session 5: Use of OER: A Pilot Study in the Basic Public Speaking Course

Presenters: Katie Gruber, Natalie Hoskins, Natonya Listach, and L’Oreal Stephens (Middle Tennessee State University)


Session 6: Student Perceptions of an OER Supported Composition Course

Presenter: Judy Westley (Columbia State Community College)


Session 7: Using Open Educational Practices to Create-Equity Minded Instruction

Presenters: Robert Denn (Tennessee Board of Regents), Richard Sebastian (Achieving the Dream), Rebecca Griffiths (SRI Education), and Ela Joshi (SRI Education)

Session 8: James E. Walker Library: the JEWL in the Crown of All Things Open at MTSU

Presenters: Cheryl Torsney, Kathleen Schmand, Erica Stone, Suzanne Mangrum, Kim Godwin, and Natalie Hoskins (Middle Tennessee State University)

Session 9: An Alternative to Traditional Chemical Education

Presenters: Tasneem Siddiquee, Sujata Guha, and Joshua Moore (Tennessee State University)

Session 10: Critical Thinking for Complex Times: The New Literacies Alliance InfOERmation Literacy Modules

Presenters: Melissa Mallon (Vanderbilt University), Matt Upson (Oklahoma State University), and Melia Fritch (Kansas State University)