Forms and Publications


In- State Event Disclosure (ss-8007)

This form is for employers of lobbyists or lobbyists to report the costs of in-state events, where the entire membership of the General Assembly is invited, permissible under T.C.A. § 3-6-305 (b)(8). This form should be filed within 30 days of the event.

Sworn Disclosure of Consulting Services (ss-8006)

T.C.A. §2-10-125 requires that a person or entity who pays a fee or commission for “consulting services” to:

any staff person or employee of the General Assembly
member of a commission established by and responsible to the general assembly
member or employee of a state regulatory commission
member or employee of the executive branch

to file a disclosure with the Tennessee Ethics Commission within five (5) days of entering into a contract.  Likewise, T.C.A. §2-10-126 requires that any of the above persons receiving the fee to file a disclosure. 

“Consulting services” is defined in 2-10-122(1) as advising or assisting a person/entity in influencing legislative or administrative action.  It also means to advise or assist in applying for, soliciting or entering into a contract with the State of Tennessee. 

The state, county and municipality are exempt from filing this disclosure, as is a person receiving the fee from one of these entities. 

Lobbyist Indirect Gift Disclosure (ss-8008)

If a gift is provided to an official in the legislative or executive branch at the suggestion or direction of a lobbyist, form ss-8008 is required to be filed within 7 days (TCA §3-6-305(c)).



Lobbyist and Employer of Lobbyist Manual

Guiding Principles of Ethical Conduct