Advisory Opinions

Advisory Opinion


Advisory Opinion 21-01 Whether it was a permissible exception to the general statutory prohibition precluding employers of lobbyists from providing gifts to General Assembly members for an employer of a lobbyist to provide each member of the Tennessee General Assembly with a one fifth bottle of liquor as part of a gift basket and as part of a virtual in-state event as described at Tenn. Code Ann. § 3-6-305(b)(8).  

Advisory Opinion 14-01

Whether utility district commissioners are required to file Statements of Interest with the Tennessee Ethics Commission pursuant to T.C.A. § 8-50-501 et seq.


Advisory Opinion 09-01

Whether Housing Industry PAC is controlled by an employer of a lobbyist and therefore prohibited from making campaign contributions to a gubernatorial candidate during legislative session pursuant to Tenn. Code. Ann. § 3-6-304(i).


Advisory Opinion 08-09

Whether members of the Tennessee Commission on Uniform Legislation are “officials in the legislative branch”as defined by Tenn. Code Ann. § 3-6-301(20), and if so whether persons communicating with such members for compensation for the purpose of influencing legislative action or administrative actionare engaged in “lobbying” as defined in Tenn. Code Ann. § 3-6-301(15)and must therefore register as lobbyists as required by Tenn. Code Ann. § 3-6-302.


Advisory Opinion 08-08

Interpretation of T.C.A. §§ 3-6-305(b)(2),(b)(4) and (b)(7) with respect to whether State Officials may attend a conference partially funded by employers of lobbyists, and accept free materials and promotional items provided by the employers of lobbyists in connection with the conference.


Advisory Opinion 08-07

Interpretation of Tenn. Code Ann. §§ 3-6-117 with regard to whether requests for informal responses are confidential, and whether the responses are public records.


Advisory Opinion 08-06

Interpretation of T.C.A. § 3-6-301(11) with respect to whether an official in the executive branch whose registration fee for a conference or educational seminar is waived by an employer of a lobbyist may receive refreshments incidental to the conference or educational seminar if these refreshments are included in the registration fee.


Advisory Opinion 08-05

Interpretation of T.C.A. §§ 3-6-301 and 3-6-305 with respect to whether the Ethics Reform Act permits an employer of a lobbyist to provide, and a general assembly member to receive, benefits provided in connection with a reception for Tennessee delegates at a national party convention.


Advisory Opinion 08-04, Part II

Interpretation Tenn. Code Ann. §§ 3-6-305(b) with regard to whether any of the exceptions to the giftban contained therein allow state officials who are members of a non-profit organization to solicit contributions from employers of lobbyists for the purpose of supporting a conference of state government officials.


Advisory Opinion 08-04, Part I

Whether Tenn. Code Ann. § 3-6-305(a)(2), places restrictions on various fundraising activities of a professional association whose membership includes state officials, or upon the participation of those state officials in such activities.  


Advisory Opinion 08-03

Interpretation of T.C.A. § 3-6-305 with respect to whether the Act prohibits an employer of a lobbyist from paying the expenses of a “politically active” stroke
survivor who is also an official in the executive branch to travel to Washington, D.C. to participate in an annual “Lobby Day.”


Advisory Opinion 08-02

Interpretation of T.C.A. § 3-6-301(8) with respect to acceptance of an award, reimbursement of expenses and an honorarium from a national professional organization


Advisory Opinion 08-01

Interpretation of T.C.A. § 3-6-305 with respect to an employer of a lobbyist providing commemorative bottles of wine and glasses to members of the Legislature in connection with an all-legislative and in-state event.


Advisory Opinion 07-12

Interpretation of T.C.A. §§ 3-6-301, et seq., with respect to whether a lobbyist, employer of a lobbyist, or lobbying firm may host a fundraiser or provide a venue for a fundraising event for a member or candidate for the Tennessee General Assembly.


Advisory Opinion 07-10

Interpretation of T.C.A. § 3-6-301, et seq. regarding lobbyist registration requirements for employees of public relations firms.


Advisory Opinion 07-09

T.C.A. §3-6-301(15); Registration Requirements of Transportation Authority


Advisory Opinion 07-07

Interpretation of T.C.A. §§ 3-6-304 and 3-6-305, with respect to an employer of a lobbyist’s ability to provide travel expenses and otherwise underwrite professional conferences.


Advisory Opinion 07-06

T.C.A. §3-6-301(8); Employer Registration Requirements for Lobbyist Retained w/o Authorization


Advisory Opinion 07-05

T.C.A. §3-6-304(j); Application of Ban on Campaign Contributions to Various Types of Candidates


Advisory Opinion 07-04

T.C.A. §§2-10-122, 125, 126; Requirements for Filing Disclosure of Consulting Services


Advisory Opinion 07-03

Interpretation of § T.C.A. 3-6-304(j) with respect to whether a lobbyist make may campaign contributions in her capacity as an as an officer of a political action committee.


Advisory Opinion 07-02

T.C.A. §3-6-305(b)(6); Participation of General Assembly Members in Charitable Events


Advisory Opinion 07-01

T.C.A. §3-6-301, et seq.; Application of Gift Ban to Affiliate Members


Advisory Opinion 06-03

T.C.A. §3-6-301, et seq.; Registration Requirements for Persons Monitoring Legislation


Advisory Opinion 06-02

T.C.A. §§3-6-301(15) & (17); Registration Requirements for Attorneys


Advisory Opinion 06-01

T.C.A. § 3-6-301, et seq.; Commencement of Lobbyist Registration Deadline