2020 In-State Events

Event Date Event Name Sponsor Total Expense Expense Per Person Invite Disclosure
2020-04-06 Beer Burgers Basketball- CANCELED Tennessee Wildlife Federation- CANCELED     Invite  
2020-04-01 Legislative Reception- CANCELED Tennessee Trucking Association, Adams & Reese- CANCELED     Invite  
2020-03-25 Day on the Hill-CANCELED AARP- CANCELED     Invite  
2020-03-25 Legislative Lunch-CANCELED Atmos Energy- CANCELED     Invite  
2020-03-24 Legislative Reception Tennessee Football, Inc. Report Pending Report Pending Invite  
2020-03-18 Reception- CANCELED Volkswagen- CANCELED     Invite  
2020-03-18 Ice Cream Social- CANCELED Piedmont Natural Gas- CANCELED     Invite  
2020-03-10 Legislative Reception Tennessee Forestry Association $10,633.33 $41.54 Invite Disclosure
2020-03-10 BBQ Lunch Tennessee Propane Gas Association $3,716.42 $5.72 Invite Disclosure
2020-03-09 Legislative Reception Home Builders Association of Tennessee $12,787.00 $29.69 Invite Disclosure
2020-03-04 Legislative Reception Tennessee Health Care Association $9,679.13 $36.94 Invite Disclosure
2020-03-04 Drop-By Breakfast- CANCELED Tennessee State Trooper Association- CANCELED     Invite  
2020-03-04 Grab-and-Go Breakfast- CANCELED Tennessee Broadband Association- CANCELED     Invite  
2020-03-04 Evening Reception- CANCELED Tennessee Broadband Association, Tennessee Rural Communication Cooperative Association- CANCELED     Invite  
2020-03-04 Non-Alcoholic Beverage Showcase- CANCELED Beverage Association of Tennessee (BAT)- CANCELED     Invite  
2020-03-04 Dessert Delivery- CANCELED Tennessee Association of Nurse Anesthetists- CANCELED     Invite  
2020-03-04 20th Anniversary Reception Tennnessee Youth Courts, Frost Brown Todd $5,100.00 $38.64 Invite Disclosure
2020-03-03 Reception- CANCELED Tennessee Road Builders Association- CANCELED     Invite  
2020-03-03 Continental Breakfast & Legislative Reception- CANCELED Tennessee County Services Association, County Officials Association of Tennessee- CANCELED     Invite  
2020-03-03 Legislative Reception- CANCELED Western Governors University Tennessee (WGU Tennessee)- CANCELED     Invite  
2020-03-03 Lobby Day- CANCELED Tennessee State Employees Association- CANCELED     Invite  
2020-02-27 Lunch & Learn to Code- CANCELED Nashville Technology Council, Nashville Software School, Tokenzie Tennessee, Vanderbilt University- CANCELED     Invite  
2020-02-26 Day on the Hill Rural Health Association of Tennessee $0.00 $0.00 Invite Disclosure
2020-02-26 Legislative Reception American Institute of Architects TN (AIA), American Council of Engineering Companies of TN, Associated Builders and Contractors Greater TN Chapter, Associated General Contractors of TN $13,767.60 $38.03 Invite Disclosure
2020-02-25 Tennessee Entreprenuership and Innovation Reception Launch Tennessee, Life Science Tennessee, Bunker Labs, EO Nashville, Tennessee Advanced Energy Business Council, Greater Nashville Technology Council $14,432.95 $34.12 Invite Disclosure
2020-02-25 Reception Tennessee Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Tennessee Chamber of Commerce Executives, Tennessee Economic Development Council, Tennessee Department of Economic & Community Development $25,955.99 $6.90 Invite Disclosure
2020-02-25 Capitol Jam Tennessee Performing Arts Center (TPAC), JohnsonPossKirby $15,291.05 $30.52 Invite Disclosure
2020-02-24 Legislative Reception Tennessee Pharmacists Association $8,246.00 $27.30 Invite Disclosure
2020-02-24 Legislative Reception Tennessee Hospital Association $18,875.04 $15.81 Invite Disclosure
2020-02-24 Hemp Day on the Hill Tennessee Growers Coalition $2,980.57 $14.90 Invite Disclosure
2020-02-21 New Year Reception Volkswagen $46,038.00 $38.26 Invite Disclosure
2020-02-20 Day on the Hill Tennessee Charter School Center $997.10 $5.19 Invite Disclosure
2020-02-19 Legislative Appreciation Breakfast Boys & Girls Clubs Tennessee Alliance $2,410.00 $9.12 Invite Disclosure
2020-02-19 Reception Tennessee Cable & Broadband Association $20,163.72 $51.11 Invite Disclosure
2020-02-19 Ice Cream Social Tennessee Grocers & Convenience Store Association $283.76 $0.46 Invite Disclosure
2020-02-18 Legislative Fish Fry TN PROFESSIONAL FIRE FIGHTERS ASSN. $13,791.02 $34.82 Invite Disclosure
2020-02-18 Big Shrimp Reception Tennessee Bar Association $9,481.43 $47.40 Invite Disclosure
2020-02-18 Presidential & Legislative Reception Tennessee Independent Colleges and Universities Association $1,808.00 $8.52 Invite Disclosure
2020-02-18 Day on the Hill Grab and Go Breakfast NAMI Tennnessee $600.00 $2.27 Invite Disclosure
2020-02-12 Reception TN BANKERS ASSOCIATION $17,932.18 $9.40 Invite Disclosure
2020-02-12 Day on the Hill Alzheimer's Association $3,645.53 $12.15 Invite Disclosure
2020-02-12 Winter Convention Opening Reception Tennessee Press Association, Crux Strategies, Lane Government Relations, The Daily News Publishing Company $8,942.57 $32.40 Invite Disclosure
2020-02-12 Legislative Breakfast Tennessee Association of Alcohol Drug and other Addicitive Services (TAADAS) $5,023.00 $11.16 Invite Disclosure
2020-02-12 Legislative Reception Tennessee Smoke Free Association $8,205.89 $50.97 Invite Disclosure
2020-02-11 Legislative Reception TN MUNICIPAL ELECTRIC POWER ASSN. $10,306.00 $10.31 Invite Disclosure
2020-02-11 Legislative Reception HospitalityTN (formally the TN Hospitality & Tourism Association) Report Pending Report Pending Invite  
2020-02-11 Drop-By Breakfast Tennessee Ambulance Service Association $2,053.50 $5.63 Invite Disclosure
2020-02-11 Day on the Hill Reception Tennessee Public Transportation Association $3,926.61 $13.09 Invite Disclosure

Professional Privilge Tax Forum

Coffee & Donuts

2020-02-05 Reception Tennessee Wine & Spirits Retailers Association $3,444.00 $3.44 Invite Disclosure
2020-02-05 Mayors Musicians Hall of Fame exhibit Mayor John Cooper and Mayors of Williamson County, Rutherford County, Sumner County, Wilson County, Franklin, Belle Meade, Goodlettsville, Oak Hill $16,678.90 $62.00 Invite Disclosure
2020-02-04 Day on the Hill Drop-by Breakfast Tennessee Association of Housing and Redevelopment Authorities (TAHRA) $1,310.50 $4.54 Invite Disclosure
2020-02-04 Expanding Student Success- State of Education TENNESSEE STATE COLLABORATIVE ON REFORMING EDUCATION (SCORE) $32,540.00 $9.93 Invite Disclosure
2020-02-04 Day on the Hill Legislative Reception Williamson County Chamber of Commerce, Spring Hill Chamber of Commerce, Maury Alliance $1,666.65 $10.61 Invite Disclosure
2020-02-04 Day on the Hill Legislative Reception Tennessee Nurses Association $3,453.64 $7.92 Invite Disclosure
2020-02-04 Legislative Reception Insurors of Tennessee, Trusted Choice, Nationwide Insurance, American Property Casualty Insurance Association, State Farm, Farm Bureau, NAMIC, ATLIC $19,874.00 $39.40 Invite Disclosure
2020-02-04 Healthy Grab-and-Go Breakfast American Heart Association $2,968.00 $11.30 Invite Disclosure
2020-02-04 MEM2NASH Memphis Tourism, University of Memphis, Greater Memphis Chamber $12,672.00 $1.55 Invite Disclosure
2020-02-04 Legislative Reception Tennessee Electric Cooperative Association $42,656.00 $26.28 Invite Disclosure
2020-01-28 Welcome Back Reception Tennesseans for Student Success, LLC $5,633.90 $26.29 Invite Disclosure
2020-01-28 Discussion on criminal justice reform Right on Crime, Beacon Impact $165.00 $1.25 Invite Disclosure
2020-01-28 Doughnuts & Coffee Tennesssee Auctioneers Association $278.50 $1.00 Invite Disclosure
2020-01-27 Reception Outdoor Advertising Association of Tennessee $8,676.00 $65.72 Invite Disclosure
2020-01-15 Legislative Reception Tennessee Installment Lenders Association, Tennessee Consumer Finance Association $19,473.90 $50.81 Invite Disclosure
2020-01-15 Uniting for Equality Legislative Reception Nashville CARES, TN EQUALITY PROJECT, Nashville LGBT Chamber of Commerce $7,803.83 $22.95 Invite Disclosure
2020-01-15 Tennessee on Tap CHATTANOOGA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, KNOXVILLE CHAMBER, Greater Memphis Chamber, NASHVILLE AREA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE $24,291.77 $22.10 Invite Disclosure
2020-01-14 Legislative Reception BellSouth Telecommunications, LLC d/b/a AT&T Tennessee, Vanderbilt University, Southwest Airlines Co., Bristol Motor Speedway $75,226.55 $41.56 Invite Disclosure
2020-01-13 Pro-Life Networking Reception Susan B. Anthony List $3,111.00 $18.63 Invite Disclosure