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State Capitol Commission (SCC)

The State Capitol Commission (SCC) was created by the Legislature in 1986 (TCA 4-8-301) to formulate and develop a plenary master plan and program for the adaptive restoration and preservation of the State Capitol, including the building and contiguous grounds. That role was expanded in 1998 to include the Bicentennial Mall and the monuments and other permanent fixtures in the park.  Consistent with the master plan, the SCC's responsibility is to establish policy controlling the furnishings, governing maintenance and use of the Capitol, and to approve all modifications and improvements.

Per resolution of the Commission, a subcommittee was established for the purpose of developing a process for evaluating the characteristics of Tennesseans who should be honored in the Capitol Complex and other processes regarding the management of the collection.

The State Capitol Commission meets on an as-needed basis.
NOTE: Pursuant to T.C.A. § 8-44-108(c)(2), if a quorum of members is not physically present, the meeting may be conducted permitting participation of electronic or other means of communication.