It is illegal for employers to discriminate in employment actions based on Age (40+), Color, Creed, Disability, National Origins, Race, Religions and Sex. The Tennessee Human Rights Act & Tennessee Disability Act prohibit discrimination related to employment actions can include Advertisement, Benefits, Discipline, Compensation, Discharge, Harassment, Hiring, Layoff, Leave, Promotion, Suspension and Training. The law applies to any Tennessee employer, prospective employer, employment agencies or labor organizations with eight or more employees. Only one employee is required in complaints alleging disability or retaliation.


Mediation is strongly encouraged by the Commission after a complaint has been filed and throughout the entire complaint process. Mediation is an informal negotiation process for settling disputes. The goal is to assist both parties in reaching a mutually acceptable resolution of the issue. It is a free, voluntary, service offered by the Commission. Regardless of the outcome, discussions during mediation remain confidential.

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