First Grants Awarded in Tennessee's Commitment to Healthcare Resiliency & Transformation

Friday, May 05, 2023 | 03:15pm

NASHVILLE – The Tennessee Department of Health is announcing the first round of grant awards today from its $230 million Healthcare Resiliency Program to expand Tennessee’s capacity in delivering quality healthcare services.

TDH will make $121 million in funding available in the HRP’s first grants awarded to 54 eligible applicants in two broad project areas – Capital Investment, to expand brick-and-mortar healthcare capacity, and Practice Transformation and Extension, to improve access to healthcare services.

"This is a generational investment to make quality healthcare available to Tennesseans for years to come,” said Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee. “As we focus these grants on projects that improve access to healthcare services for our low-income, minority, and rural populations, we also ensure Tennessee continues to lead in healthcare for all.”

A comprehensive list of HRP’s first round of eligible grant recipients and selected projects is included with this press release.

TDH launched the HRP in November 2022 as a competitive grant program to modernize and transform healthcare in Tennessee. See the HRP launch announcement.

HRP sought project proposals for the Capital Investment grants from among Tennessee’s acute care hospitals and long-term care facilities seeking to increase capacity for adult, and pediatric, intensive care units and floor beds.

HRP made the Practice Transformation and Extension grants available for eligible projects that improve and upgrade medical practices, technology, and services, at acute care hospitals and long-term care facilities, and to include health care programs at academic institutions and primary care providers, along with entities addressing health-related issues such as housing and food insecurity.

“We thank Gov. Lee and Tennessee’s General Assembly for recognizing the important work of our healthcare leaders, who have performed heroically over the last several years,” said Tennessee Health Commissioner Ralph Alvarado, M.D., F.A.C.P. “Our state and local leaders are helping Tennessee be the model in the southeast U.S. for meeting the needs of citizens where they live, work, play, and worship. This is exactly how we improve the culture of health in Tennessee.”

TDH continues to evaluate HRP grant applicants and projects and expects a second announcement of grant awards in the coming weeks.

TDH’s HRP grants are funded through the American Rescue Plan, which passed Congress in March 2022. Tennessee received $3.9 billion in total ARP funds, and in August 2021, the state’s Financial Stimulus Accountability Group dedicated $230 million in recovery funding to TDH for healthcare modernization and transformation projects.

See TDH’s HRP webpage for more information.

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