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Information from TN Dept of Health about the Ongoing Novel Coronavirus Outbreak

Board of Nursing Home Administrators

Board Members

Board Members Title Representation Term Expires
Nyda A. Bays Secretary Nursing Home Administrator  05-31-2022
Victor Legner, MD Board Member Hospital Administrator (THA) 05-31-2023
Lakecia Harper Thomas Chair Nursing Home Representative (THCA) 05-31-2021
Jano Janoyan, DO Vice Chair Physician 05-31-2021
Cynthia Wheeler Board Member Nursing Home Administrator  05-31-2021
David Keeling Board Member Nursing Home Representative  05-30-2022
Bethany Rhoten, MSN, PhD Board Member Nurse 05-31-2023
Barbara Trautman Board Member Consumer Member 05-31-2020
Sally Pitt (Interim HCF Director) Ex-Officio Member Commissioner's Designee TDOH