Body Piercing


 "Body piercing" means the piercing of any part of the body for compensation by someone, other than a physician licensed under title 63, who utilizes a needle or other instrument for the purpose of inserting an object into the body for nonmedical purposes. "Body piercing" includes ear piercing except when the ear piercing procedure is performed on the ear with an ear piercing gun;

The Division of Environmental Health licenses and inspects body piercing establishments at least once per year.

What is Required to be Licensed as a Body Piercing Apprentice?

In order to receive a BODY PIERCING APPRENTICE license, you must:

(a)   Have a Body Piercing Technician, who is currently licensed in Tennessee, agree to supervise and train you for a minimum of one year.

(b)   Operate from an approved, permitted body piercing establishment.

(c)    Submit an application with appropriate fee (Note – the EHS in the County where the Apprentice resides will complete the application once the required forms are submitted.

This FORM must be completed by the Body Piercing Technician who will be supervising and training the Apprentice. It must be submitted to the county health department where the Apprentice resides.

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