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Information from TN Dept of Health about the Ongoing Novel Coronavirus Outbreak

Neurologic Birth Defects

Reportable by Providers
Neurologic Birth Defects

Infectious agent: N/A

Description of condition: The reporting of neurologic birth defects was mandated after the emergence of Zika virus, which can cause microcephaly and other neurologic birth defects in infants. The specific neurologic birth defects currently monitored include brain abnormalities with and without microcephaly, neural tube defects, eye abnormalities, congenital contractures with associated brain abnormalities, and congenital deafness. Once a neurologic birth defect case is reported and confirmed, the infant will be followed by a nurse case manager to assure he or she is connected to follow-up care and is referred (when applicable) to Tennessee Early Intervention Services, Children’s Special Services, and Family Voices of Tennessee.