Request Assistance from an Agency

Before submitting a request, please review the information below:

  • Concerns or questions involving federal agencies, programs, or legislation, including Social Security, Medicare, immigration cases, and passports, should be directed to Tennessee’s representatives in Congress. You can find your members here.
  • The Governor’s Office does not have investigative authority and cannot assist with or intervene in legal, judicial, or law enforcement matters.  

We ask that requests for assistance from the Governor’s Office be submitted only after you have attempted to resolve the issue through the normal channels within the appropriate department or agency. You can find a list of state government agencies, which link to their websites with contact information for each, at this website.

If you are contacting us about your unemployment benefits, please include the last 4 of your SSN in the comments field and ensure that you have provided your phone number in the phone field. We can forward information on your behalf to the TDLWD but are unable to expedite your claim.