June 2012



By: Andrew Clements

Nick Allen, a fifth grader with a gift for creative ideas and a taste for troublemaking, coins a new word for pen -- frindle. All he wanted to do was play a little trick on Mrs. Granger, a legendary language arts teacher with a passion for proper vocabulary. After all, she told him that ordinary, people determine which words end up in the dictionary. But when his new word sweeps the nation, Nick fears that he might have created a Monster.


  1. Like Nick create your own new word as a family for a common object in your house. Count how many times you use it in a day!

  2. Mrs. Granger teaches Nick that you can expand your vocabulary by studying word lists. As a family, have a family game night and play a game based on words - like Scrabble or Boggle!

  3. Nick was scared to start fifth grade with Mrs. Granger. Make a family list of who your favorite 5th grade teacher is, your parents', grandparents', aunts', uncles', and cousins' favorite.

  4. Nick created a new word used by many. Make a healthy snack like a bowl of fruit. As a family, as you each take a piece of the snack, list one new word to you. For example, ask your mother if she ever used the word "Facebook" when she was your age!