The Tennessee Residence Foundation

The Tennessee Residence Foundation is a non-profit and non-political organization founded in 1999 to furnish and maintain the public areas of the Tennessee Residence. Tennessee Public Acts of 2005, Chapter 267, expanded the powers of the Foundation to include raising and spending funds for the renovation, restoration, reconstruction, expansion, and upkeep of the Executive Residence. With dedicated volunteers and generous donations, the Foundation is able to maintain the elegant furnishings, artwork and historic heirlooms in the Tennessee Residence. Donors who wish to make a tax-deductible gift to the Tennessee Residence Foundation may do so by contacting the Office of the First Lady at (615) 741-7846.

In 2011, the Tennessee Residence Foundation voted to continue the renovation and restoration project at the Tennessee Residence, specifically focusing on the next phase of the master plan, which included the Residence grounds. This has embarked my office on a long-term project of raising private funding support for a complete landscape renovation at the Tennessee Residence, aimed to bring the grounds back to their original design, health and focus on vegetation original to the home and our great state. I am excited to work towards this next phase to restore our state’s Residence grounds back to its original splendor, while incorporating the home’s nearly 90 years of history.


After restoring the interior of the Residence, we are currently able to offer public tours twice a week, and my hope would be to someday include our garden views as part of this tour. In addition to tours, the restored grounds will also provide a lovely space for entertaining, and the vegetable and cutting gardens will show visitors how we are using these products in the kitchen and the home to welcome guests with our Tennessee southern hospitality.

After a statewide search, landscape design architect Ben Page, of Page Duke Landscape Architects in Nashville, was selected to lead this project. Mr. Page has directed several high profile landscape projects, including a renovation project at the United State Naval Observatory, home to our United States Vice Presidents. Mr. Page has developed a schematic landscape plan which I believe will help us to restore the Tennessee Residence back to its original state, while addressing the present day needs of entertaining and living in a historic home.

This is a big project, and I hope to accomplish as much as possible during Bill’s term of office. To help finance the project, in addition to continuing the First Lady’s Luncheons biennially, I will be seeking funds from both individuals and corporations, including in-kind donations from nursery providers across the state.

Bill and I are honored to play a part in this project for our state’s executive residence, and I thank you for your consideration towards a possible donation towards this historic renovation and restoration at the Tennessee Residence!

For more information about the progress of the landscape renovation project, visit the First Lady’s Landscape Renovation blog.


Donations made to the Tennessee Residence Foundation are tax-deductible and help to maintain the original beauty and splendor of Tennessee’s home. Donors who wish to make a tax-deductible gift to the Tennessee Residence Foundation may do so by contacting the Office of the First Lady at
(615) 741-7846.


The Tennessee Executive Residence Preservation Foundation
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