December 2012


A Wish to be a Christmas Tree

By: Colleen Monroe

A tall, lonely tree waits at the edge of the Christmas tree farm. Every year, families come and go, as he grows taller and taller, until he's sure that his days of being someone's Christmas tree are over.

This charming story will remind you of the power of friendship as a squirrel, birds, deer, and other woodland creatures help to make an overgrown tree's Christmas wish finally come true.


  1. The big Scotch Pine tree is very disappointed that he is not chosen by a family to be their Christmas tree. Knowing how sad the tree felt, his forest animal friends brought special gifts from the woods to decorate his branches. Discuss with your family ways that you can make your friends feel special this holiday season.

  2. The families in A Wish to be a Christmas Tree have a tradition of visiting the tree farm to choose their Christmas tree. During this holiday season, you and your family can begin a tradition of spending quality reading time together. Your local library can be a wonderful place to find books to enjoy together. This website will help you find the library closest to you:

  3. At the beginning of the book the big Scotch pine tree is sad, because he did not know how much his friends cared for him. His friends learned that they needed to tell him the many ways that he was special to them. This holiday season, you can be sure that your friends and family know you love and care for them by telling them, writing to them, or by spending quality time with them.

  4. The holidays are special, because they provide an opportunity to slow down and spend family time together. I want to know how you and your family spent time together this holiday season. You can visit my facebook page to share something special that you did together with friends or family.