July 2012


Judy Moody Declares Independence

By: Megan McDonald

Hear ye! Hear ye! Judy Moody has a mood for every occasion, and now a family trip to Boston to learn about the American Revolution has put Judy in a revolutionary frame of mind. When Judy meets an English girl named Tori while touring a Boston Tea Party ship, she is astounded to learn how many liberties her British friend enjoys--her very own phone, private loo, and pounds of allowance. Upon returning home, Judy Moody is inspired to embark on a quest for liberty. She composes her own Declaration of Independence, including freedoms such as "freedom from brushing hair" and "freedom from homework." Judy decides to impress her parents with how responsible she is in order to earn more independence . . . but will it work?


  1. On Independence Day, we commemorate the adoption of our Declaration of Independence, declaring independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain. Judy Moody writes her own declaration of independence - you and your family can write one, too! What things would you declare yourself independent of if you could? What freedoms do you already have that you are most grateful for? Submit your declaration of independence to Crissy.Haslam@tn.gov - I will feature the most creative entries on my facebook page!

  2. Judy Moody becomes pen pals with her new friend Tori, who lives "across the pond" in England. The month of July is a great time to remember our Service Members who work to preserve our Nation's freedom. As a family, write a letter to a deployed soldier to thank them for their service. Operation Gratitude will walk your family through the process! Visit their website to learn more: http://www.operationgratitude.com.

  3. Judy Moody is a third grader full of ambition and spunk! After your family reads Judy Moody Declares Independence, take a trip to your local public library to check out other books in the Judy Moody series. Visit this website to search for a library near you: http://www.tn.gov/tsla/pld

  4. Judy Moody wants to be just like Sybil Ludington - responsible and independent. As a family, discuss what it means to be responsible. What things does Judy do to prove to her parents that she is responsible? List some ways that you can show that you are responsible, too!