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Tennessee Broadband Accessibility Grant

Broadband Accessibility Grants

The Broadband Accessibility Grant Program is a critical part of Tennessee’s plan to address our broadband gaps. The Program is designed to offset the capital expenses in the deployment of broadband in unserved areas.  The goal of this program is to facilitate broadband access to all Tennesseans while promoting practices that increase deployment and encourage adoption.  Funds will be targeted to areas that are unlikely to receive broadband service without grant funding.  

Eligible Areas 

Please use all five .shp files above when designing grant area.



Any questions regarding this application must be submitted in writing via email to:
Subject Line: Grant Application Question

TNECD Broadband reserves the right to adjust timeline dates in the event of extenuating circumstances. Providers will be notified via the TNECD Broadband Mailing List


Round 4 Program Guidelines, Eligibility Maps Posted


Grant application available 

7/14/2020 - 10am CT

Webinar - Application Review       
View Recorded Webinar Here


Questions Due by 2 PM CT


Completeness Review Deadline


Grant Application Due by 2 PM CST


Broadband Ready Communities Application
Due by 2pm CT


Public Comment Period begins


Public Comment Period ends


Response Period for Finalists (to Public Comment and Data) begins


Response Period for Finalists Ends

Late Feb 2021

Grantees Announced




Points Possible

Need for Grant Funding

Lack of federal funding that will result in the provision of at least 10/1 service in the proposed area    


Description of need including an evaluation of eligibility for the grant,  why the area is difficult to serve and the likelihood the area will not be served without grant funding


Percentage of grant area lacking fixed, terrestrial 10mb/1mb connection




Leveraged and Match Funds

Additional match (cannot be from another federal or state program) provided by grantee or other leveraged funds 


Speed, Scalability and Affordability

Scalability of technology will provide a long-term solution for the community.  Speed and affordability are competitive and will meet community needs on both upload and download speeds.    


Sustainability and Implementation Readiness

Technical, managerial, and financial capabilities of the applicant demonstrating the ability to complete the proposed project    


Economic and Community Impact

Economic development impact  and tailoring of project to meet community needs (relative to the overall cost of the project) 


Service to a previously unserved or underserved community anchor institution    


Adoption Strategy

Plan to encourage adoption of broadband services


Community Support

Partnerships and support from local community    


Broadband Ready

Serves a political subdivision designated as a Broadband Ready Community


County Designation

Project primarily serves a federally designated “Distressed” county or “At-Risk” county


Application # Applicant  Project Name  Grant Amount  Map
1 Advantage Cellular Systems, Inc. d/b/a DTC Communications DTC Wilson County Broadband Expansion-4  $                848,750.00 Map
2 Appalachian Electric Cooperative Southwest Rutledge  $                933,750.00 Map
3 Appalachian Electric Cooperative Swannsylvania  $            2,000,000.00 Map
4 Ardmore Telephone Company, Inc. Minor Hill  $            2,000,000.00 Map
5 Aurora Cable TV Company Benton County Cable Camden Bay Buildout Plan  $                133,218.89 Map
6 Ben Lomand Communications, LLC Highway 55 Project  $                179,695.56 Map
7 Bledsoe Telephone Cooperative, Corp., Inc. Bledsoe 881 Fiber Optic Expansion  $                727,955.56 Map
8 Bledsoe Telephone Cooperative, Corp., Inc. College Station Fiber Optic Expansion  $                431,288.89 Map
9 BTC Communications, LLC. South Cumberland  $                655,911.11 Map
10 Comcast of Arkansas/Louisiana/Minnesota/Mississippi/Tennessee, LLC Comcast Tipton County  $                   99,425.92 Map
11 Comcast of Nashville I, LLC Comcast Dickson County  $                   92,000.64 Map
12 Comcast of Nashville II, LLC Comcast Rutherford County  $                139,713.22 Map
13 Comcast of the South Comcast Knox County  $                616,666.67 Map
14 Comcast of the South Comcast Roane County  $                   33,333.33 Map
15 Fort Loudoun Electric Cooperative FTTH Hopewell  $                340,021.40 Map
16 Fort Loudoun Electric Cooperative FTTH Laurel Mountain Lake  $                121,247.91 Map
17 Fort Loudoun Electric Cooperative FTTH Niles Ferry Mason Stinnett  $                329,446.51 Map
18 Fort Loudoun Electric Cooperative FTTH Niles Ferry Raper Stinnett  $                200,858.31 Map
19 Fort Loudoun Electric Cooperative FTTH SR68 Corridor Tellico Madisonville  $                180,772.48 Map
20 Gibson Electric Membership Corporation Friendship  $            1,144,539.00 Map
21 Gibson Electric Membership Corporation Hop_In  $            1,379,944.00 Map
22 JTM Broadband Giles  $                596,343.33 Map
23 Loretto Telephone Company, Inc., dba Loretto Telecom LawCo Round 4  $            2,000,000.00 Map
24 Peoples Telephone Company West Holladay and Big Sandy  $            2,000,000.00 Map
25 Point Broadband Fiber Holdings, LLC Hawkins/Hancock  $            1,020,948.89 Map
26 Southwest Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation Beech Bluff  $            1,010,165.00 Map
27 Southwest Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation Beech Bluff Expanded  $            2,000,000.00 Map
28 Southwest Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation Dupree  $                477,743.00 Map
29 Southwest Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation Dupree Expanded  $            1,893,370.50 Map
30 Southwest Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation Henning  $            1,588,086.50 Map
31 Spectrum Southeast LLC and its Affiliates Hawkins County  $                819,266.00 Map
32 Spectrum Southeast LLC and its Affiliates Sullivan County  $                138,136.00 Map
33 Spring City Cable TV, Inc. Grandview  $                484,215.21 Map
34 Spring City Cable TV, Inc. Middle Rhea  $                207,844.83 Map
35 Spring City Cable TV, Inc. Yellow Creek  $                242,154.56 Map
36 Twin Lakes Communications Inc. Putnam County Underserved - Round 4  $                974,008.00 Map
37 United Telephone Company Belfast  $                539,454.00 Map
38 United Telephone Company Chapel Hill/ Unionville  $                782,976.00 Map
39 United Telephone Company Fosterville  $                248,389.00 Map
40 Volunteer Energy Cooperative Birchwood Pike  $                625,896.32 Map
41 Volunteer Energy Cooperative Cottonport Fiber Project  $                647,890.00 Map
42 Volunteer Energy Cooperative Spring Creek South  $                898,424.53 Map
43 Volunteer First Services, LLC Cumberland County  $            1,924,783.33 Map
44 West Kentucky Rural Telephone Cooperative Corporation, Inc. Henry  $            2,000,000.00 Map
45 West Kentucky Rural Telephone Cooperative Corporation, Inc. Weakley  $            2,000,000.00 Map
46 West Tennessee Telephone Company, Inc., dba: TEC North Huntingdon and Westport  $            2,000,000.00 Map