FCC Broadband Mapping Challenge

The FCC’s new National Broadband Map shows internet availability data nationwide, and for the first time, accepts input from consumers like you! Go to BroadbandMap.gov, search for your home or small business. If the reported service or speed is not available for purchase, submit a challenge to correct the map. Help Improve the map! More information at FCC.gov/BroadbandData/consumers.   

  The FCC wants to make sure that all locations are represented on the National Broadband Map. Search for your home or small business at BroadbandMap.gov. If the information about your location is wrong, or the location is missing from the map, submit a challenge to correct it! More information at FCC.gov/BroadbandData/consumers.  

The easiest way for stakeholders to be involved is by looking at the maps and verifying their information. They can follow the instructions outlined below and reach out to our office if they need assistance (ECD.Broadband@tn.gov). Though we are not the administrators of the map, we can help filter questions or troubleshoot should they have questions. We are asking Tennesseans to complete any challenges on their addresses by January 13. I’ve included the fact sheet in this email as well with some additional info on the process. I’d certainly appreciate your help in pushing this information out! 

How to Find Your Address and Challenge a Missing Address:

1.        Visit https://broadbandmap.fcc.gov/home.

2.         Type your address into the search bar.

3.        On the right side of the screen, a panel will appear showing what the FCC has for your location and service   information. 

4.        If your address is not on the map, select the area in which your address should be, click “challenge location,” and     follow the prompts to submit a location    challenge. You will receive a confirmation email once your challenge has been     received by the FCC. 

How to Submit an Availability Challenge to the FCC:

1.        Once you’ve found your address on the map, view the service information on the right side panel. 

2.        If the information is incorrect, select “availability challenge.” 

3.        You can then select the providers you would like to challenge.

4.        Follow the prompts to complete the challenge.

What is the FCC National Broadband Map?
The National Broadband Map displays where internet services are and are not available across the country, as reported by internet service providers. The map allows consumers and other stakeholders to easily dispute, or challenge, information shown on the map that they believe is inaccurate. To view the map, visit BroadbandMap.FCC.gov.

  • The Fixed Broadband Map shows the fiber, cable, DSL, satellite, or fixed wireless internet services available at each home or small business on the map. When you search for an address and select a location on the map, you can see which providers report offering broadband service at that location, and the technologies and the maximum advertised download and upload speeds they each offer.
  • The Mobile Broadband Map shows the 3G, 4G, and 5G coverage of each mobile provider for the area displayed. The coverage areas reflect where consumers should be able to connect to the mobile network when outdoors or in a moving vehicle, but not indoors. The map allows you to compare mobile wireless coverage reported by different mobile providers.
  • Individual location points appear on the map if you search for a location or zoom in. These points identify buildings or structures – such as a home, apartment building, or small business – where internet services are, or could be, available. Each location is part of a dataset called the Broadband Serviceable Location Fabric . Gray location points represent buildings or structures that are not likely to use mass-market broadband services.
  • How to Help Improve the Map?
  • Visit BroadbandMap.fcc.gov and search for your address. If you see incorrect information, you can help the FCC improve the map by submitting a challenge, or request for corrections:
  • Availability Challenges: If the information about the internet services available at your home or other location is incorrect, you can dispute it by clicking on the Availability Challenge link on the right side of the map and submitting the form.
  • Mobile Challenges: If the map of mobile coverage submitted by your provider seems incorrect, you can dispute that by taking speed tests on your mobile phone with the FCC Speed Test App, available for both Android and iOS. Make sure to select the Challenge Speed Test option and to take the test while either outdoors or in a vehicle.
  • Location Challenges: If the information about the location point of your home or other location seems to be incorrect, you can submit a Location Challenge to correct the information on the location. The link to do this is to the right of the address on the map. To add a location, click on the place on the map where the location should be and then click the “Challenge Location” button.

Downloable Resources:

Videos walking through how to challenge: 

How to submit an availability challenge (on a mobile device): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fiFoxZKywv4

How to file a location challenge (on a mobile device): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKmM9ES7nUQ

How to file location and availability challenges (using a computer): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ldS3bi4bjc

* Accurate FCC Maps = Improved Access
An accurate map will help identify the communities most in need of funding for high-speed internet projects.