Summer 2019 Commission Meeting and Joint Meeting with State Board of Education

TCAT Murfreesboro – Smyrna Campus
July 25, 2019
9:00 am – 11:30 am CDT
Combined Agenda  
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Adoption of Agenda

Approval of Minutes, May 17, 2019 Meeting

Chairman’s Report

Executive Director’s Report

Agenda Items

I. Postsecondary Education Authorization (Action Item)

A. Institutional Reauthorization

B. Authorization of New Institutions

C. Approval of New Programs

D. Optional Expedited Authorization

E. Recommendations for Appointments to the Committee on Postsecondary Educational Institutions

II. New Academic Programs (Action Item)

A. Tennessee Technological University, Engineering Management, MS

B. Tennessee Technological University, Counseling and Supervision, PhD

III. Operating Budgets (Action Item)

IV. THEC Master Plan Update

V. Election of Officers (Action Item)

VI. Selection of Audit Committee Member (Action Item)

Systems’ Reports

Tennessee Board of Regents

University of Tennessee

Locally Governed Institutions

TCAT Murfreesboro – Smyrna Campus
July 25, 2019
2:30 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. CDT
Video Streaming Link

Chairmen’s’ Welcome

  •  Chairman Evan Cope, Tennessee Higher Education Commission
  •  Vice Chairman Bob Eby, Tennessee State Board of Education

Executive Directors’ Welcome

  •    Mr. Mike Krause, Tennessee Higher Education Commissio
  •   Dr. Sara Morrison, Tennessee State Board of Education

Agenda Items

  • Industry Partnership Panel
    • Mr. Dan Caldwell, Senior Manager for Learning Pathways, Nissan North Amer
    • Ms. Beth Duffield, Senior Vice President of Education and Workforce Development, Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce
    • Dr. Carol Puryear, Vice Chancellor for Economic and Community Development, Tennessee Board of Regents
  • Tennessee Education Continuum Presentation
    • Dr. Emily House, Deputy Executive Director, Tennessee Higher Education Commission
    • Ms. Amy Owen, Director of Policy and Research, State Board of Education