Industry Professionals

The Tennessee Securities Division performs a variety of functions. These include the registration of securities; review of exemptions; issuing of no-action letters and interpretive opinions; licensing broker-dealers and their agents; and the examination/inspection of investment advisers and their representatives, issuer agents, and certified dealers. The Division also responds to inquiries from the public and act against licensees that operate in violation of the Tennessee Securities Act of 1980.

The Tennessee Securities Division: 

1. Regulates and monitors the securities industry to ensure protection of investors from firms and individuals who engage in dishonest and unethical practices.

2. Regulates securities offerings to ensure that investment risks are adequately disclosed and meet fairness standards to enhance capital formation.

3. Promotes uniform regulation through examinations, comprehensive application review and approval, and monitoring of securities industry professionals and securities offerings.

4. Enforces the Tennessee Securities Act of 1980 and Rules by handling and investigating investor complaints and taking administrative, civil or criminal action against those who violate the Act or engage in dishonest and unethical practices in the securities industry.

5. Provides quality investor education programs for the protection of investors and provides investors with information and knowledge that will allow them to evaluate investment opportunities and avoid fraudulent offerings.