Administration Section Overview

The mission of the Tennessee Securities Division is to protect investors and maintain the integrity of the securities markets in Tennessee. We regulate the securities industry and the securities products (offerings) that are sold in the state of Tennessee, monitor industry activities to ensure fair dealing with investors and compliance with business conduct rules, enforce the Tennessee Securities Act of 1980, Tennessee Code Annotated Section 48-1-101, et seq., and educate the investing public.

Securities laws were enacted to promote public confidence in the capital markets by requiring the registration of securities and those who sell them. These laws also mandate full and fair disclosure of all "material" facts --- information that investors would consider important in deciding whether or not to invest.

The Securities Division administers the Tennessee Securities Act of 1980 and Rules through three major program areas: Broker-dealer, Agent, Investment Adviser, and Investment Adviser Representative Registration; Securities Registration; and Enforcement. The Division has a fourth area devoted to the promotion of investor education, financial literacy and fraud avoidance across Tennessee.