The Tennessee Securities Division seeks to protect investors by providing the resources and materials needed to educate them on making informed investment decisions and developing smart money management skills. The Division offers information regarding the securities industry itself, the various types of financial instruments, and the most common types of investment fraud. Investors are encouraged to contact the Division to verify registrationsfile complaints, and request public records.

Common Investor Complaints

  • The investor was sold an unsuitable investment
    (example = the investment was too risky or it had to be held for many years)
  • The broker misrepresented the investment
    (example = the investment had steep fees or the investment was not liquid, meaning it could not be sold - such as certain private placements)
  • The broker engaged in churning, which is excessive trading that generates commissions for the broker and is not profitable for the investor
  • The broker conducted unauthorized transactions
    (example = the broker bought or sold a stock without the investor’s approval)
  • The investor is a victim of outright fraud
    (example = the broker is unregistered and does not have a legitimate business)

Request Information

Click here if you would like to verify the registration of an agent, broker-dealer, investment adviser, investment adviser representative, oil and gas issuer-dealer, or a securities offering.

File a Complaint

If you have determined that your situation warrants filing a complaint with the Securities Division, click here.