Supported Employment

IPS Supported Employment is an evidence-based model of supported employment for individuals living with severe mental illness. The model currently has 27 research studies confirming its success in assisting people with severe mental illness to obtain and sustain integrated, competitive employment. The extensive research provided by the IPS Employment Center, which originated from Dartmouth University, proves that the model is effective and proves superior to other types of supported employment services in assisting this population obtain and maintain employment. The model has a fidelity manual which includes a scale of 25 critical components for implementing the model appropriately. This manual and scale are used internationally to ensure programs utilizing this model are doing so effectively. The model has eight principles that set it apart from other types of supported employment, such as the philosophy of “zero exclusion” from services and using a stepwise approach to build relationships with employers in the community. The success of this model is attributed to its focus on individualized, client-driven services and time-unlimited support.