Tennessee Attorney General’s Office Division of Consumer Affairs Releases 2022 Top Ten Consumer Complaint Categories

Thursday, March 09, 2023 | 04:23pm

Nashville- In honor of National Consumer Protection Week, the Tennessee Attorney General’s Office Division of Consumer Affairs (DCA) announced the top ten complaint categories for 2022.

DCA received a total of 8,088 formal consumer complaints during the last calendar year. The team works diligently to route complaints to appropriate agencies or mediate them. The mediation process is designed to address disputes regarding consumer financial transactions, such as the purchase of products, goods, or services. The process affords customers and businesses a good faith means to remedy disputes.

When there is a potential violation of the Tennessee Consumer Protection Act or other consumer protection law, or a pattern of complaints against a business or individual, the DCA collaborates with the Consumer Protection Division of the Attorney General’s Office, which enforces the Consumer Protection Act and other state and federal consumer protection laws on behalf of the State.

While many of the most popular complaint categories received a similar ranking as the previous year, a significant uptick was noticed in the Utilities category. Complaints in this category increased significantly due to the large number of complaints received against solar companies, including Pink Energy and Solar Titan USA.

Consumers may file a complaint via multiple methods, including through DCA’s online complaint portal

  1. Home Improvements/Repair & Home Warranties: 831 complaints (Same ranking as 2021)  Involves the purchase and execution of home warranties, as well as the use of contracting services to repair or remodel the home. Common complaints include disputes related to warranty coverage; quality of work performed by hired individual/business; incomplete work; and structural damage caused by hired individual/business. 
  2. Landlord/Tenant: 723 complaints (Same ranking as 2021) Involves disputes between tenants and property owners or property managers. Common complaints relate to security deposits, conditions of the rental, and responsiveness to repair requests.
  3. Health Services & Products: 481 complaints (Same ranking as 2021) Involves consumer disputes with health service providers such as hospitals, laboratories, physician offices, and dental offices. Complaints regarding the manufacturing and distribution of health supplements and products (such as hearing aids) also fall within this category. Common complaints relate to inaccurate billing, misquoting services, and poor communication regarding billing/pricing questions. 
  4. Debtor/Creditor: 467 complaints (Up from #6 in 2021) Involves matters related to financial services such as debt collection, payday loans, credit repair, and check-cashing services.  
  5. Personal & Professional Services: 463 complaints (Down from #4 in 2021) Complaints about health clubs, as well as services offered by professionals including hair stylists, locksmiths, exterminators, photographers, surveyors, and others. Common complaints involve the quality of service, charges for services not received, and problems redeeming gift certificates.  
  6. Internet Sales: 410 complaints (Up from #7 in 2021) Involves consumer dissatisfaction with items or services purchased online. Common complaints include issues with refunds and returns, or the product or service not being provided after payment. Often, the product or service was solicited via social media advertisements.  
  7. Motor Vehicle – Used Sales & Advertising: 378 complaints (Down from #5 in 2021) Involves consumer dissatisfaction with the purchase of a used vehicle. Common complaints include disputes over the vehicle’s condition; difficulties getting the vehicle properly titled and registered; and inaccurate advertisement of the vehicle.    
  8. Motor Vehicle – Repairs & Warranties: 376 complaints (Same ranking as 2021) Involves complaints of consumer dissatisfaction with vehicle repair service. Common complaints involved issues on the length of time taken for repair, with many complaints involving an issue with the appropriate parts being available for installation. The category also includes consumer dissatisfaction regarding vehicle warranties.  
  9. Utilities – Gas/Water/Sewer/Electricity: 353 complaints (Up from #22 in 2021) Involves complaints related to residential gas service, water service, sewer, and electricity.   
  10. Imposter Scams: 282 complaints (Same ranking as 2021) When a con artist poses as a government employee/agency, friend, or legitimate business. The perpetrators generally use text, calls, or emails to trick consumers into paying them via gift cards or wired money. Victims might also be tricked into providing sensitive information to receive a “government grant” or “free” money.


#MA23-13:  Tennessee Attorney General’s Office Division of Consumer Affairs Releases 2022 Top Ten Consumer Complaint Categories