TN Attorney General’s Office Refunds Consumers After Canceled Walker Stalkers/Fanfest Events

Friday, September 30, 2022 | 10:00am

Nashville- Tennessee Attorney General Jonathan Skrmetti announced a consumer restitution program to provide refunds for cancelled “Fan Fest” events organized by Walker Stalkers, LLC.  Consumers wishing to request refunds (either for tickets purchased or for fees paid to participate as a vendor) must act quickly, as this program will only accept claims for approximately 120 days (January 30th, 2023). 

“The opportunity to make things right for fans is the best possible outcome in a case like this,” said General Skrmetti.  “I appreciate the hard work of our Consumer Protection Division throughout this legal process.”

The CEO of Walker Stalkers, James Frazier, began operating the company in 2013 and put on dozens of “Walker Stalker Con” and ‘Fan Fest” events in the United States and London, United Kingdom. The events were opportunities for fans to meet famous actors and artists associated with the popular television program, “The Walking Dead,” as well as other well-known television shows. Beginning in 2018, however, several of the conventions were cancelled and the refunds promised to ticketholders and vendors never materialized.

James Frazier consented to an Agreed Final Judgment after the Tennessee Attorney General’s Office sued Walker Stalkers in 2020.

Amber Shaw, managing partner of Harris Shelton Hanover Walsh, PLLC, will serve as Restitution Administrator. She is now in charge of facilitating claims and refunds. “We enjoy working with victims to complete the claims process and issue refunds,” said Shaw. “The claims process can sometimes be intimidating, and our role is to make it as easy as possible.”

Restitution will be paid after the 120-day claims process. Once the claims period closes, the restitution administrator will calculate the total amount of valid claims and begin distributing refunds.  If the number of valid claims exceeds the funds Walker Stalkers has paid pursuant to the Judgment, then consumers will be refunded only pro-rated amounts.  Once the 120-day claims period expires, consumers will not be able to request refunds.

If you believe you may be entitled to a refund, please contact Amber Shaw, restitution administrator, for more information, by writing:


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