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AG Slatery applauds decision releasing TennCare from 2014 injunction

Thursday, January 24, 2019 | 03:28pm

Nashville- “We are pleased with the Court’s decision and with its conclusion that there is no evidence of on-going systemic problems in TennCare’s process of making timely determinations of the eligibility of applicants for Medicaid coverage,” said Herbert H. Slatery III.

The Wilson v. Long decision, issued by Federal District Court Judge William Campbell Jr., stems from a 2014 lawsuit alleging that thousands of people claimed their applications for Medicaid coverage were not resolved because of a flawed processing system. Years of litigation ensued to determine what went wrong and identify solutions. The Court recognized TennCare’s efforts in facilitating reviews of these applications to the federally facilitated marketplace (not state).

“As the court found, currently over 99% of TennCare applications are processed within the timeframes required by federal regulations, said General Slatery. “The State appreciates that the Court recognized the complexity of the TennCare program, TennCare’s past and ongoing practice of identifying and addressing problems when they arise, and the constitutional limitations that require judicial restraint when courts are faced with legal challenges to the State’s implementation of complex federal regulatory requirements.”

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