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About TREF

The Tennessee Registry of Election Finance was created by the General Assembly in 1989 as an independent entity of state government. (T.C.A. §2-10-201, et seq.) The agency is responsible for the enforcement of the following laws:

Campaign Financial Disclosure Act (T.C.A. §2-10-101, et seq.)
Campaign Contribution Limits Act (T.C.A. §2-10-301, et seq.)
Gubernatorial Inauguration Finance Disclosure Act (T.C.A. §2-10-401, et seq.)

The Registry is composed of six board members, who are appointed for five (5) year terms. The Governor appoints two (2) of the members, with one (1) of the appointees representing the majority party and one (1) representing the minority party. Gubernatorial appointees have full power to serve until any vote of nonconfirmation by the General Assembly.

The remaining members of the Registry are appointed by the House and Senate. The Senate has the authority to appoint two (2) members with one (1) member being chosen by the Senate Democratic Caucus and the other being appointed by the Senate Republican Caucus. Likewise, the House is empowered to appoint two (2) members to the board, with one (1) appointee being chosen by the House Democratic Caucus and the other appointee being made by the House Republican Caucus.


William (Paz) Haynes, III, Chairman – Nashville. Senate Democratic Caucus Appointee. Term expires December 31, 2022.

Henry Fincher – Cookeville. House Democratic Caucus Appointee. Term expires December 31, 2014.

Tom Lawless, Secretary – Nashville. Senate Republican Caucus Appointee. Term expires December 31, 2022.

Tom Morton – Bristol. House Republican Caucus Appointee. Term expires December 31, 2019.