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2018-19 Higher Education Legislative Budget Released

On April 18, the 2018-19 General Appropriations Act passed both chambers of the 110th General Assembly and was transmitted to Governor Haslam for his signature. The engrossed bill closely follows the recommended budget and administration amendment for higher education presented by the Governor earlier in the session, including an operating improvement of $28.6 million to fund productivity increases and $26.4 million for salary increases across universities, community colleges, and the Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology—a total of $55 million, matching the THEC recommendation for all formula units and TCATs.

Including all improvements, the act contains recurring appropriations for higher education totaling $1.616 billion, an increase of $92.5 million, or 6.1 percent, over the 2017-18 recurring appropriation level. Higher education also will receive an increase of $17.8 million in non-recurring appropriations.

Recurring improvements of interest include $10 million for the state’s need-based grant, the Tennessee Student Assistance Award; $2.46 million to expand Advise TN for one-on-one college counseling; and $1.25 million to create a college coaching initiative for Tennessee Promise students entering higher education.

Initiatives receiving non-recurring funds include $9 million for new equipment across the Tennessee Colleges of Applies Technology; $2 million to fund research and provide fellowships at the Center for Addiction Science at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center to help fight the opioid crisis; and $1 million to continue the Veteran Reconnect competitive grant program focused on improving success for student veterans.

Finally, the act includes $89 million for seven capital improvements projects and $121 million for capital maintenance, $40 million of which is identified as recurring funds.

See the below files for additional details.