September 2015


Stuart Little

E. B. White

Stuart Little is a shy, philosophical little mouse with a big heart and a taste for adventure. In spite of his small stature of barely two inches tall, Stuart sets forth into the world with some mighty big plans: to ride a Fifth Avenue bus, to win a sailboat race in Central Park, and to teach school for a day.

Stuart's greatest adventure begins when he sets out into the world to find his best friend, Margalo, a beautiful little bird who once lived in a fern tree in the Littles' house in New York City. Climbing into his tiny car, Stuart hits the open road, and he is sure to find himself in for big surprises along the way!

A Note from the First Lady:

Dear Read20 Book Club families,

I hope that you and your family are enjoying the new school year! Launching into a new academic year is always hectic. Schedules can become jam-packed with class, homework, club meetings, and sports. Despite the business, I hope that you can continue to make time to enjoy daily reading, because literacy skills are extremely important for success in school.

This month, our book of the month is Stuart Little by E.B. White. I think you will find it an exciting story from the moment you begin reading the book. Stuart is a mouse born into a human family. Unusual as it sounds, the adventures that Stuart encounters make for an extremely fun story. Being the smallest member of the Little family has its advantages and disadvantages. In this book, we read how Stuart overcomes the challenge of his size and learns the meaning of family and friendship.

Keep up the great reading!

Crissy Haslam
First Lady of Tennessee


  1. In Chapter Two, Mr. and Mrs. Little discuss five issues they saw existed in their home that related to Stuart. In a paragraph, list the problems and solutions that were discussed by Mr. and Mrs. Little. Talk with your family about why problem solving is an important skill.

  2. When Stuart was a substitute teacher he ignored all the normal subjects and had the students talk about rules.  Do you have any family rules? What about rules in your school or classroom? Have a discussion about why rules can be helpful and important. Talk about what rules might be useful for your family, your community, your nation or the world.

  3. Make a flow chart of all the important events that occurred in the story and discuss what you have learned while reading this book. Stuart Little has also been created into a major motion picture. You and your family can watch the movie to compare the difference between the book and the film. What are some advantages of reading a story in a book? What is exciting about watching a story as a film? Which version do you typically enjoy more?

  4. Being a friend sometimes means doing something extraordinary and giving more than you thought you ever could. What examples of friendship does Stuart Little show us in the book? Talk about a time when you or someone you know did something extraordinary for a friend. What good can come from being extraordinarily nice, caring or thoughtful towards a friend?