January 2015


January Rides the Wind:A Book of Months

By: Charlotte F. Otten

Captured through a child's sense of wonder and delight, January Rides the Wind features twelve poems to describe each month of the year. Vivid poetry and illustrations express the magic of the changing seasons, encouraging us to think about how nature influences our daily activities and the memories we create over a year.


  1. What comes to mind when you think about the month of January? You might think about certain weather, activities, significant celebrations, or the way you dress. Which is your favorite month and what are the reasons why you enjoy that time of year?

  2. January is a great time to plan for the year ahead, and research shows writing down goals can help you be more successful. Write the name of each month and list one or two things you might like to do or accomplish during that time of year. January Rides the Wind can be a great resource to think about the seasons and events in a year, helping you to set your goals accordingly.

  3. Reading poetry can be a great way to exercise your imagination and think about an idea or object in a new way. Did the poetry in January Rides the Wind help you to think about the months and seasons in a new way? Choose one month to illustrate with a poem of your own. When you write your poem, be sure to include the things you associate with the month you selected.

  4. Illustrations, photographs, and drawings in a book often help contribute to the meaning of the story. The illustrations in January Rides the Wind are particularly beautiful and vivid to help capture the scenery of each season. After you finish writing your poem, create illustrations to go along with your work. Use your drawings and artwork to represent how you envision the scenery of the month in your mind.