October 2014


Bunnicula: A Rabbit Tale of Mystery

Deborah and James Howe

Just in time for Halloween, Bunnicula: A Rabbit Tale of Mysteryis a spooky book about the mystery of a family’s vegetarian vampire rabbit that sucks the juices and color out of vegetables. The story is told from the humorous perspective of the family’s pet dog Howard, and you will love reading to solve why the family’s vegetables keep turning white. This is a great story to read aloud for Halloween, and there are other books in the Bunnicula series to enjoy when you finish reading the book of the month.


  1. This book is told from the perspective of the family dog Harold. Do you have any family pets? What do you think pets think about and how would it sound it they were able to talk?

  2. Authors from around the world are coming to Nashville this month to participate in the 26th annual Southern Festival of Books, held October 10-12. The festival celebrates the joys of reading and learning, and it could be a great activity for your family! Visit the Southern Festival of Books website for information about the schedule of events and participating authors.

  3. The Monroe family finds Bunnicula at a movie theater. If you found a sleeping bunny, would you be able to take him or her home? What would you name it? What kind of animal would you like to find to take home as a pet and why?

  4. Bunnicula loves veggies and sneaks into the kitchen to suck the juice from beans, peas, lettuce, zucchini and squash. Vegetables are very nutritious and need to be part of a well-balanced diet. What types of vegetables do you enjoy eating? Visit your local grocery or farmer’s market to look for new vegetables for your family to try cooking at home. You might find a new healthy food to enjoy!

  5. Bunnicula’s vampire-like behavior is very scary for the Monroe family cat Chester. Everyone has experienced fear of people, places, or things. Sometimes real events scare us and sometimes our fears are imagined. Think of the times when you have been fearful of something. Tell what caused the fear, when it occurred, and how you overcame it.