March 2014


The Wind in the Willows

By: Kenneth Grahamel

It's springtime and curious Mole, bored with housework, leaves his molehill to explore. At the riverbank he meets Rat, a laid-back water rat. The two quickly become friends and Rat introduces Mole to the exuberant Toad, a creature with an inclination for extravagant hobbies. Toad’s increasingly wild amusements cause concern for Rat and Mole, and they enlist the help of wise Badger. The four friends are always having exciting adventures, and their friendship is only enhanced by their differences.


  1. The Wind in the Willows features many challenging vocabulary words. As you read the book, write down words that you are not familiar with. You can use a dictionary or ask an adult to help you learn the meaning. Vocabulary is important for reading comprehension, and reading new books can be an excellent way to learn unfamiliar words.

  2. Toad, Mole, Rat, and Badger have very different personalities, but their differences help them to become better friends. Can you describe each character’s personality and why the friends might operate well together? Think about your friends and describe how each might be different. What qualities make them a good friend?

  3. The author uses many of adjectives to carefully describe the characters and settings in The Wind in the Willows, so that readers are able to visualize what is taking place in the story. Imagine a room in your house and write a detailed description of the space. Read your description to a family member or friend, and ask them if they were able to visualize the room. Including details in your work can help you become a better writer.

  4. Toad, Mole, Rat, and Badger have many exciting adventures exploring the English countryside. As the weather begins to warm, you and your family can look for ways to explore Tennessee’s beautiful landscape. This website can help you plan activities to experience our state’s breathtaking nature and wilderness.