May 2013


The Library Card

By: Jerry Spinelli

Mongoose, Brenda, Sonseray, and April have nothing in common...until a mysterious blue card appears as if by magic and begins to change each of their lives. None of them guesses it at first, but that strange blue card will be their ticket to the past-and to a future that they never imagined. In stories that range from humorous to heartbreaking, Newbery-award-winner Jerry Spinelli reveals the amazing possibilities lurking behind library doors.


  1. Does your family have a library card? If not, then be sure to visit your local public library to apply for a free library card. Most libraries require that you have a photo ID and proof of local address, so be sure to check your library's application instructions before your visit! You can use your card to borrow books and DVDs, use a computer, download eBooks and music, search electronic databases, browse the internet and more.

  2. Spinelli's The Library Card shows us that books can change lives in powerful ways by sharing knowledge and growing imagination. Describe how the library card changes each of the four main characters in the book. How do books affect their lives immediately? How do you think their lives will be affected in the longer-term future?

  3. Create a mystical library card of your own, and write a short story about where and with whom your card ends up. Be sure to include how the library card might change the life of the person who discovers it!

  4. Visit your local library to find out more about its summer reading program. This year's statewide summer reading theme for children is "Dig into Reading." Many libraries have fun activities planned for families throughout the summer that you will not want to miss! Be sure to check out a book or two while you are there to enjoy with your family at home.