August 2013


Toasting Marshmallows: Camping Poems

By: Kristine O'Connell George

Everything that happens on a camping trip can be an adventure including getting dressed inside your sleeping bag on a chilly morning, rowing across a lake, exploring a dark cave, meeting wild animals and simply sitting still, watching and listening. Kristine O'Connell George shares moments that make up family camping trips through vividly imagined poems. The captivating poems and illustrations in Toasting Marshmallows can leave readers with wonderful memories of a camping trip-even if they've never been on one!


  1. Some of the most enjoyable campfire activities are toasting marshmallows, singing songs and telling stories. You and your family can plan a night to enjoy these activities at home if you are not able go camping outdoors. Set a great scene to enjoy campfire songs and stories together by building a tent in your living room, viewing stars from your backyard, or turning the lights down low to gather by a fireplace. Don't forget to read the book Toasting Marshmallows while you are "camping out!"

  2. Enjoy the outdoors with your family by visiting one of Tennessee's state parks to camp, fish, hike, picnic or swim. There are 54 state parks located throughout Tennessee featuring our state's diverse landscape. Don't forget to pack marshmallows to toast on a campfire while you are visiting! This link can help you find a state park located near you:

  3. The poems in Toasting Marshmallows are very descriptive, and they can turn simple activities into adventures! Poems do not have to rhyme. In fact, a poem is a literary work that gives special intensity to the expression of feelings and ideas by the using style and rhythm. Write a poem or story about an activity that you do each day. Try your best to include meaningful details and descriptions, so that your readers can feel as if they are on the adventure with you.

  4. Reading poetry with rhymes and patterns can be a fun way to discover the many uses of language. Poetry can also help improve literacy and critical thinking. Visit your local library to find additional books with poems for children. Discovering the wonders and benefits of poetry can help children grow in their love of reading!