About Us

Our Mission

As the state's internal consulting office, we drive enterprise-wide innovation and operational efficiency to benefit Tennesseans.

Our Vision

To be the preferred and trusted advisor in transforming the way state government operates.

About CFG

Customer Focused Government (CFG) is Tennessee State Government’s internal consulting group. Tasked with driving innovation and efficiency across the state, CFG has three primary functions. First, CFG assists cabinet-level departments in developing and monitoring their strategic plans. Second, CFG manages a number of enterprise-wide programs that make state government work better for Tennesseans. Third, CFG supports state departments and agencies through consulting engagements that result in process improvement, operational efficiency, and better service to Tennesseans.

Our Values

  • Energy and enthusiasm
  • Freedom to innovate
  • Lifelong learning
  • Meaningful relationships
  • Trust and respect

Accountability Act of 2013

Passed in 2013, The Tennessee Governmental Accountability Act serves as a guiding light for much of the work that Customer Focused Government (CFG) performs. The Act states, “a system of strategic planning, program performance measures, and performance audits should be implemented to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of governmental services." CFG was established to centralize the creation and monitoring of cabinet-level departments’ strategic plans. Along with the Chief Operating Officer, CFG manages the annual strategic planning process (known as CFG Planning), including quarterly meetings with each department to monitor progress on each strategic plan and the posting of public-facing goals and initiatives to Transparent Tennessee.