About Us

About CFG

The Office of Customer Focused Government (CFG) was established to serve as the state's internal consulting office and is referred to as the state's "innovation lab" and "think tank." CFG's mission is to "drive innovation and operational efficiency to benefit Tennesseans." CFG's consultants work with agencies to run a variety of projects across the enterprise that foster innovation and continuous improvements, specifically finding opportunities to improve outcomes pertaining to their operations and how they serve their customers. CFG's primary responsibility is overseeing and carrying out the requirement of the Accountability Act of 2013, know as CFG Plans.

Our Mission

As the state's internal consulting office, we drive enterprise-wide innovation and operational efficiency to benefit Tennesseans.

Our Vision

To be the preferred and trusted advisor in transforming the way state government operates.

Our Values

  • Energy and enthusiasm
  • Freedom to innovate
  • Lifelong learning
  • Meaningful relationships
  • Trust and respect

Accountability Act of 2013

The Tennessee Governmental Accountability Act of 2013 states, "a system of strategic planning, program performance measures, and performance audits should be implemented to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of governmental services." The Office of Customer Focused Government (CFG) was established as the central organizing entity that works with executive agencies to develop their operational plans and strategic plans to fulfill their requirements of the Accountability Act and measure their overall performance. CFG, along with the Chief Operating Officer, meets at least quarterly with each cabinet-level department to discuss their performance and outcomes on their stated goals and strategic initiatives. The time spent with each department is also used to flag areas of concern, potential budget impacts, items for legislative or policy consideration, and other areas of risk mitigation.